Sunday, 13 December 2009

The difference between rumour and fact

Wow, I was just called "an angry person" because I took action to determine whether a statement presented as fact was actually true. Apparently it's socially unacceptable to question what is spoken in group chat in SL. (I must have missed that memo.)

It's amazing how firmly attached some people get to their opinions, even — or perhaps especially — when these are totally unfounded. Her reaction to my proving that the rumour was false, was to reject my proof and continue to believe.

She stated as fact (in a scripting group) that Linden Labs are in the process of outlawing third-party viewers. I countered by quoting from an official SL blog post which explicitly states that they support and encourage third-party viewers. She replied by stating "I am on Gov Linden land and LL has a questionnaire about banning 3rd party viewers etc." So I had her TP me there to see.

Let's take a few points in order.

1) Just because a privately-owned shop (n.b.) is on Linden-owned land, does not follow that Governor Linden inspected and approved the shop's contents. But even if that were so:

2) An object created by person A (not a Linden) and purchased by person B (also not a Linden) does not magically become "a Linden object" by being rezzed on Linden land. But even if that were so:

3) Please look at the object that you are entering in evidence. Out of 85 responses to date, only nine said that 3pv's should be banned. Clearly if the Lindens are influenced by this object, then they must retain third party viewers, not ban them!

Actually, y'know, perhaps I am an angry person. I'm sure as hell angry at her for wasting the group's time and attention. Bygones, away with it (makes crumpling-up and throwing-away gestures).